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This is the process of removing or flushing out black sludge deposits from the central heating system. The sludge in the system makes the boiler inefficient and also attacks radiators, pipe work and boilers.

Certain parts of the system also gets clogged with scale as fresh water passes though the system all the time. All that can be cleaned up.

Power flushing would make the system more efficient and also save you money from expensive repairs
There are so many systems that were changed and no proper flushing done, this would affect the performance of the new boilers and thier warranties.

There are systems that allow air into them and develop sludge over a period of time, through chemical reaction with the air.

Does your system show these problems?

  • Loud banging noises
  • Cold or partially cold radiators
  • Regularly bleeding your radiators
  • Noises in your pipes due to restrictions
  • Pump failures
  • Cold mid radiators
  • New boilers
  • Little or no hot water due to blocked pipes and heat exchangers

What you get after power flushing

  • Central heating system becomes more efficient
  • You now get good and free circulation
  • The heat reaches radiators quickly
  • Your bills go down
  • System makes no or very little noise
  • Efficient radiators

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